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Are you ready to be Köm?

We are more than an agency, we are KÖM


years of experience

We have almost a decade making possible the crazy things, ideas and projects of all our clients.
We are experts in listening, creating, communicating, empowering, and breaking the rules to build the dreams for those who want to make it reality. Are you in?

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Our skills

We are the result of a perfect match

If you could explore inside our minds, you would get surprised with our degree of weirdness.
We love so much what we do in our agency that we take it to another level.
We are a mix of quirky, romantic, and passionate about standing up for what we believe in.

Why should you be a

Köm client?

Our Team Köm is made up of designers, journalists, programmers, and audiovisualists who are willing to turn your dreams into real and tangible events.

So, if you want to work with us, you have to know:

  • We are fun but responsible.
  • We don’t have limits to make your projects come true.
  • We transform your obstacles into opportunities.

our fantastic team

We are ready to work tögether!

Ragdeli Mobilio
Jorge Velázquez
Yovvanna Ramírez
Operations Manager
Ricardo Vilanova
Account Manager
Angélica Sandoval
Sales Supervisor
Diana Rivera
Graphic Designer
Daniela Meza
Sales Representative
Víctor García
Campaign Manager
Rubén Rengel
Corporate Lawyer

We enjoy each of our projects