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agosto 1, 2022

Jacquie Márquez

From actress, to chef, to now… a Millionaire! Jacquie Márquez is an entrepreneur that works with Monat, and have reached the Million Dollar Club in that company.

Jacquie started her carreer acting in novels, then became a chef and wrote a cookbook called “Lunchboxes to the rescue”, and now, she’s one of the top Monat’s partners. To be able to acomplish that, she had to work very hard, sacrifice, and of course, have a social media and sales team, and that’s when we come into play.

Besides our social media marketing service where we create content and guarantee results for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Ads and blogs for her website, we also provided a sales team for her business. Both Sales supervisor and Sales representative works along side with Jacquie to get new clients and reach her goals.

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